When You're A Kid And Sam Gagner Makes Your Day...

When You're A Kid And Sam Gagner Makes Your Day...

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You might remember when you were a kid, idolizing guys playing in the NHL, or you may be more in tune with your own kids idolizing the payers of today. Whether stars on the team or 4th liners that see more time in the press box, you and/or kids thought these players were gods amongst mortals. The NHLers. 

If you've ever been to a pro game, and this has roots throughout all levels of pros and even juniors, you will see the kid in the stands who is the last to leave. He just wants a hi-five, sometimes a puck, and occasionally a stick. It's fantastic to see as players. 

At the end of a game in Minnesota vs. the Canucks, one young fan was lingering by the runway of Canucks, seemingly knowing one word, "Stick." Time after time, "Stick! Stick! Stick!" and then Sam Gagner comes by to the tune of, "Stick!" You'll see Sam pass by...then return, making this kids day. 

We can guarantee that this kid will remember this night, this stick, and Sam Gagner for the rest of his life. But...this story didn't end there. 

Meet Jack. Jack was the kid in the video that was on the receiving end of Sam Gagner twig. Because of his shock the night prior, Jack forget to do something but made up for it in this tweet. 

Kudos to Jack, and Jack's parents for raising the kid right. And cheers to Gagner for making a kid smile. 

Now Jack, keep working hard so you can return the favor to a kid when you're in the show buddy!

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