TOP 8 - Don Cherry's Suits

Don Cherry, HNIC -

TOP 8 - Don Cherry's Suits

Don Cherry is one of the biggest personalities in sports. Not just hockey, but sports. His old time hockey outlook is one we admire and one he often gets criticized for. He says what's on his mind and has never been one to hold back. When he does speak, his words are loud. The only thing that mutes his voice...his suits. 

Welcome to the world of Don Cherry's suits. We have gathered up some of 'Grapes' best suits over the years...and they're doozies. 

Number 8 - The Taxi Driving Don

The Taxi Driving Don Cherry Suit - Hoser Hockey Co.

Arguably the tamest of the collection, this yellow and black checkered suit cracks the 8 pick and starts us off based the loudness of the yellow alone. Screw Uber, just catch a ride with Don Cherry's Taxi Service

Number 7 - The Hospital Vase Don

The Hospital Vase Don Cherry Suit - Hoser Hockey Co.

There is zero easing into this next selection. In this pick, we find ourselves met with a floral pattern that is just screaming. This layout is reminiscent of some 'get well' flowers near a hospital bed. Be assured, this is only the start of floral patterns. 

Number 6 - The Funeral Vase Don

The Funeral Vase Don Cherry Suit - Hoser Hockey Co.

We weren't kidding when we said the floral pattern is prevalent in 'Grapes' suit selections and in this one we stick to mainly one color. Channeling his inner Prince, this purple loaded selection of lilies screams at the TV. If you have seen this design before, it may have been next to a casket.  

Number 5 - The Flamingo Skin Don

The Flamingo Skin Don Cherry Suit - Hoser Hockey Co.

In this scheme we find an absence of flowers...just kidding. The flowers are still there, but almost fully drowned out by the magnitude of pink burning through our skulls. Flamingos can't wear it better!

Number 4 - The Dragonmaster Don

The Dragonmaster Don Cherry Suit - Hoser Hockey Co.

We've seen a lot of pink and purple so far, but with this next gem, we're treated with neon blues and vibrant yellows. Abstaining from flowers with this suit, Don still brings it with tiny dragons. Khaleesi who?

Number 3 - The My Grams Couch Don

The My Grams Couch Don Cherry Suit - Hoser Hockey Co.

An avid supporter of the Canadian military, Grapes sports a beret accompanied with trippy flowers and wavy designs. Similar to my grams couch, this orangish velour beauty hits the top 3.

Number 2 - The TV Testing Don

The TV Testing Don Cherry Suit - Hoser Hockey Co.

A 30+ year TV veteran, it only makes sense that Don Cherry would sport a TV Test Pattern suit. What looks like a touch of 80's modern art, he once again kills the style and rocks it with an homage to the art.

Number 1 - The 70s Wallpaper Don

The 70s Wallpaper Don Cherry Suit - Hoser Hockey Co.

We're referring to this one as the 'Brown Beauty'. Adorned with orange, pink, and creme colored floral prints, this legendary suit comes in at number one...and on wallpaper circa the 70's. 

Despite that fact that his suits are a mix between my Italian grandmother's sofa, 70's wallpaper, lawn furniture, and just about any other type of design you can think of, Don Cherry is one of our hockey heroes. 

A staunch supporter of all things Canadian, especially the military, Grapes continues to be invited into the house ever week with his 'Coaches Corner' segment for Hockey Night in Canada. He never holds back, speaks his mind, promotes 'old time hockey', and has helped guide Canadian (and American) kids for over 30 years. Some try to emulate his persona (We're looking at you Barry Melrose), but no one can come close. Maybe PK Subban after retirement. 

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