The Stanley Cup Virgins of 2018

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The Stanley Cup Virgins of 2018

In this corner, we have the team from Washington DC that is lead by a Russian...and then there are the Capitals. (zing). The team that has vigorously disappointed the fans since...well just about every year they’ve made the playoffs.

And their opponent, the team that no one wanted, the team that no one expected a damn thing of, the team of ‘Misfits’, the Vegas Golden Knights...who just...kept winning despite even Vegas oddsmakers giving them a 200-1 odds to drink from the Holy Grail.

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Yes, we now have two virgin cup contending teams vying for the most prized possession in hockey. But, when was the last time that happened? That two teams have met in the finals that have never won a cup? Let’s take a trip back to 2007 when the Ducks of Anaheim took the silverware away from the Ottawa Senators.

While there are plenty of stories that could fill pages upon pages of books from that series alone, it is the years that follow, the years that lead up to now, that has us in awe.  

In the 10 years since the Ducks won Lord Stanley, we have only had 5 franchises raise the cup. If we go back to the last 6 years, only 3 franchises have won it. The sheer difficulty of achieving this stat is mind-boggling and our heads hurt from even trying to think how it’s happened. As hockey players know, this is the hardest trophy to win in team sports.  

2018 is a new year, one that we’re going to have a changing of the guard. The question we ask you, is this the start of a new hockey dynasty? 

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  • chris g

    Hardest trophy to win in pro sports!

  • Steve

    That’s insane. It hard to make a junior hockey team, let alone an nhl team. Then you have 30+ teams shooting for it every year over 80+ games and the fact only so few have won is crazy.

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