The NHL Poops The Bed When It Comes To TV

The NHL Poops The Bed When It Comes To TV

You may travel a lot for your job. You may live outside your teams viewing area. You may just want to watch a team out west or east. According to the can do that with NHL.TV. 

Now, we have paid our $140/year for several years in order to watch hockey. Every year we are more and more disappointed due to blackouts, nationally televised games, and playoffs....playoffs? Yeah...those are on national TV so no luck watching them on your expensive NHL app. Anyhow, we continued to pay to get our fix. This year, we opted out. 

This is an era of tailored digital content. The NHL could have a winner on their hands if they just showed all games, but the heads of media department can't seem to pull it together. Maybe it's a time for a change, or maybe we just roll the dice with virus heavy streaming sites from Russia. Your call NHL. We'd gladly pay the bounty to watch games, but you're fucked. 

Why didn't you show the Oilers vs. Pens on national TV?

Whether you like them or not, Crosby and McDavid are fighting to be the best player in the NHL. Sure, you may say your star from your team is better than them and deserves consideration, but...just not the case. Don't believe us, ask the players. It's a Crosby-McDavid conversation all the way. 

These two are the biggest stars in the NHL and play in different conferences. Any chance for them to play against each other should call for a huge marketing push by the NHL. This means highly touted commercials, digital ad campaigns, and oh yeah....broadcasting the game on NATIONAL TV! 

If you missed it, the game was not nationally televised. So yes, the NHL team in charge of media sucks. So bad. We're pretty sure our AV Club in middle school could have scheduled the TV time and brokered TV deals better than these asshats. For that...this is why the NHL is pooping the bed when it comes to TV. 

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