The Hoser Hockey Challenge

The Hoser Hockey Challenge

FHF Hockey | Hoser Hockey Co.

The #HoserHattyChallenge

Five Hole Fantasy Hockey Podcast and Hoser Hockey Co. team up to bring you the Hoser Hatty Challenge! We’re only a little over a week into the season, and already we’ve seen more hattricks than we know what to do with. That can only mean people like you, hockey fans, are without hats!

Here are the rules:

  • Follow both @HoserHockeyCo and @FHFHockey on twitter
  • Post your guess on @FHFHockey’s page for you think who will score a Hatty in the next week
  • Get your entry in before 12pm EST
  • If your entry is correct, you get one point!
  • The participant with the most amount of points at the end of the month gets a Free, Special Edition Hoser Hockey Co. hat from ya boys at FHFH and Hoser Hockey Co.!
  • Tune into Five Hole Fantasy Hockey Podcast every week to stay up to date on the standings, and of course the best fantasy hockey tips around.
  • The most points at the end of the year will receive an FHFH/Hoser collab Tee-Shirt

Starting Week 4 of the contest, the NHL top 10 in scoring will not be accepted as entries, so you gotta go off the board a little bit to make it more of a challenge. FHFHockey will contact the winner at the end of every month, and get you your prize! In the event of a tie in a given month, FHFH will splurge and get all the winners a hat.

Hoser Hockey Hit The Links Special Edition | Hoser Hockey Co.

Enjoy the season boys! Good luck!

California Hosers | Hoser Hockey Co.


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