The Claude "Girouxben" Has Dethroned The Traditional Philly Cheesesteak

The Claude "Girouxben" Has Dethroned The Traditional Philly Cheesesteak

Rocky. The Broad Street Bullies. Cheesesteak. All three are synonymous with Philadelphia, but in the opinion of washed up, fat hockey players that is Hoser Hockey Co., we think the Cheesesteak was challenged at center ice and suffered a TKO. 

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In our many years of traveling to Philadephia, we were always set to determine whether it was Pat's or Geno's who was serving up the best Philly Cheesesteak. While we always found ourselves gravitating to these establishments prior to, or after a Flyers game, we decided to make pit stop prior to getting into Philly. And...that is where we found it...the sandwich of legend...The Claude "Girouxben". 

After a long weekend of youth hockey, we found ourselves making the drive from Reading to the Philly Airport. Around Pottstown, PA, we were getting hangry and decided to scout some local flare. A quick search on Google and a minor detour, and we ended up at the Railroad St. Bar and Grill

Here we were, 40 miles outside of Philly faced with grub. And...OH MY GOD! It was like we were supposed to be there. It was like Hoser Hockey Co. and the Railroad St. Bar and Grill were meant to be BFFs. Hockey and food...and a ton of 21+ libations that rhyme with Deer. But, we decided to write about one thing in particular...the sandwich that is...The Claude "Girouxben"

The Claude "Girouxben" | Hoser Hockey Co. (Courtesy of Railroad St. bar and Grill)

As many of the Flyers faithful know, Claude Giroux has a grilled cheese problem. Buddy loves them. Taking this into consideration, the Orange and Black Hosers of the Railroad St. Bar and Grill paid homage to Giroux's food addiction with a take on a classic Reuben/Grilled cheese sandwich. Being hockey people, needless to say, we got it. 

It's safe to say that when we got our food we unofficially crowned The Claude "Girouxben" the best sandwich in Philly. It was that good! Sorry, Pat. Sorry, Geno. JK...No we aren't. You have been dethroned! Not only was the food banging, but the people there were super rad. 

If you didn’t make it down to the 1st Annual Philly Cheesesteak Festival, no problem! This signature grilled cheese starts with mild and sharp cheddars, smoked gouda, provolone, seasoned steak meat, coleslaw and bacon. Then topped with Gulden’s mustard and a sweet balsamic aioli all in between two pieces of wheat bread. Served with fries.  ~Railroad St. Bar and Grill

Sure, it is 40 miles from Well Fargo Center, but trust need to throw the Railroad St. Bar and Grill into your pre-game and get The Claude "Girouxben" for Flyers games! Hell, Claude Giroux needs to make a jaunt up the highway and get one! Tell them Hoser Hockey Co. sent you. 

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  • Mary Jo

    I am a local ( to the RR ) Flyers Fan. Been loving the Girouxben since its conception! Your tastebuds are spot on as is your glowing perception of RailRoad’s staff and atmosphere. Mike & crew are STARS in our village

  • Kristin Holland

    AWESOME ARTICLE!!! 36 RAILROAD ST. LINFIELD, PA 19468. It is in fact an awesome place to WORK! I myself have been an employee for 6 years. I met my now husband there who is also an employee. He actually proposed to me there at the height of the dinner rush in the middle of the dining room for all to see! It was one of the greatest moments of my life! We decided what better place to get married then there! The place where we met! And our boss, the owner even married us! We then went on to have the first official “Railroad baby” and the second “Railroad baby” was born last December! It’s a great story to tell our children when they are older! It’s a great place to be involved with!

  • Ian it is located in linfield,pa. Between Pottstown and royersford. Maybe 20 mins west from king of prussia

  • J. Pellier

    How many calories are in that? Screw it. We’re in. BTW where is ths place?

  • Basilbub Macrae

    We’d need a bag skate after that.

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