The Avalanche Are Burying Matt Duchene

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The Avalanche Are Burying Matt Duchene

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For the last year and a half, all we've heard about the Avalanche (Over the opposing team goal horns) was will Matt Duchene be traded? Well, it didn't happen, and it doesn't seem to be happening which begs the question; are the Avalanche burying Matt Duchene?

Duchene is a skilled player. A fast, highly skilled player. Case in point: 

This isn't another case of Tampa v. Drouin. Duchene is a guy who has proven he worth for the team year after year by amassing 418 pts in 572 games. But, the honeymoon is over and the last few years of marriage have been on the rocks. Whether it's management and players butting heads, or something else, Duchene clearly isn't happy in the Colorado organization.

Are the Avalanche burying Duchene by asking too much? Yes. Let the kid go, move on, and try building a winning team. #FreeDuchene

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