Thanks Mom and Dad For Allowing Me To Play

Thanks Mom and Dad For Allowing Me To Play

This is an open letter to my parents. It was sparked by this comment, left on our facebook page, on a meme that we shared from another page. The context is referring to hockey. 

Hoser Hockey Co.

After reading this comment, it made me sad. And here is why...

Mom and Dad, Thank you! 

Thank you, both for allowing me to pursue a dream that often seemed unobtainable. From the time I picked up a stick when I was a kid, to supporting me through my short-lived professional career, thank you. 

I know now it wasn't easy to do what you both did, but somehow you made it that my sister and I never went without. You purchased equipment, paid for lessons, stick times, and league dues. You made it so that we could travel with our teams, even if you couldn't be with us. You were the ones that prepped us at 4:00AM to drive to a rink an hour away for a practice at 5:30, and moved us across the country for our first time away from home. You both were the driving force that allowed us to achieve success in the sport we grew up to love. 

Dad, I know you couldn't be there all the time. It was tough as a kid knowing that you couldn't make every game or practice, but as an adult, I understand why. It's not that you didn't want to be there, you just knew something that we didn't. You knew how much hockey cost, and you decided to sacrifice your own well-being to work over-time in the coal mines, steel mills, and powerplants repairing equipment so we had a chance to lace up our skates for another day. You're the hardest worker I know and I'm proud to call you my dad, and thankful you taught us that same work ethic. 

Mom, you worked night shifts as an international operator, ran the house, always made sure we arrived at our sports functions on time and put yourself through university at 40. You made sure that we had a support system no matter where we were playing, whether you were there or not. When you were there, we knew exactly where in the stands, all we had to do is hear the whistle. You inspired us to reach for the stars, and I'm proud to call you my mom. 

Both of you worked in tandem, hard-hours, to make sure we could skate whenever we wanted. I see now that it wasn't easy to have two kids in hockey, in multiple programs, with different equipment needs. You kept it from us so our focus could be on the game. 

Mom and Dad, I owe you more than you'll ever know and thank you again for allowing us to play. To just play hockey. 

I love you both.

To all the hockey parents out there, on behalf of your kids, thank you!  

Thank you for your sacrifices in order to help your kids grow in the best sport in the world. We understand why you may not be able to be there all the time, but take solace in the fact that hockey in itself is a family. Whether teammates or opposition, we're in this together. 

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  • David Spadacene

    Great read – with a better meaning. Thank you for writing this. Brings tears to my eyes knowing how much my mother and father and sisters “sacrificed” for me to follow my dreams. Thank you loved it and will share it. ?

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