Taylor Hall Becomes The GOAT With A Two Word Tweet

Taylor Hall Becomes The GOAT With A Two Word Tweet

We think it's safe to say over the last 5 years one of the biggest celebrity crushes has been....Selena Gomez. 

Yes, her back and forth, tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber has canvased the interwebs and always left everyone guessing. As it turns it....they may be a thing again?!? 

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TMZ caught Selener at an ice rink as she watched the Biebs flail around the ice like duck running from a dog. They provided a great shot of the New Jersey Devils sweater Bieber was rocking, and afterward, a pic of Selena wearing said jersey...after it's been over equipment. Biebs, you know that smells like shit, right? And dude, do you not shower at the rink? 

Once the image hit the internet of Gomez in the Devils garb, one Devil took to the Twittersphere with some strong game. In a two word tweet, Taylor Hall, #9, became the GOAT... 


"Sup Selena?" Hell yeah boy! Way to go after it buddy. We hope your efforts prove to be fruitful. By the way, the Twitter world blew up with some epic tweets in response.

If buddy didn't shoot for the moon, he wouldn't be in the NHL. As a spokesperson for the Hoser Hockey Army, fuckin a Hallsy...you're a damn legend!

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