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This past season in Ottawa has a been a Charlie Foxtrot. And, we feel for the fans of the city.  The Ottawa Senators are the type of team that reminds us of that one kid in high school; he was a nice fella that got along with everyone and didn't have any enemies.  He was the type of kid that you wanted to see succeed. But, his parents were dicks. Well, that, in a nutshell, is how we feel about the Sens.  Listen Ottawa, there are 30 teams out there that would love to have some of the talent you possess...

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It's almost unfathomable that Ottawa could have been as bad as they were this past season, only one year after losing game 7 in the ECF in 2017. But, they surprised us.  The "Shitshow", which is what we will refer to Ottawa from here on out, is a mess that can only be remedied by a new ownership group. While we truly believe that Ottawa's woes stem from Eugene Smelnyk, there seemed to be some team troubles. Though we can't confirm this is why they never meshed as a cohesive unit this year, we can't help to think that there was something...

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