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They have the nicest arena in the NHL. They have one, if not the best player in the NHL. Now, they may have the best fanbase in the NHL.  Let's face it, the Edmonton Oilers sucked for awhile. A long ass drought of winning ever since Pronger gave up during the finals against Carolina. (Yeah, we didn't forget Chris!) But now....now these fans that have watched their team struggle with high draft picks and a carousel of coaches, now have something to look forward too. The Oilers have their shit together and Oil Fans let it be known during the...

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Just 5 months ago, the OIlers and Sharks were battling for the chance to go dancing with Lord Stanley. In the best of 7, McDavid and the Oilers prevailed. While it was all business on the ice between these two teams, this offseason proved a bit different as two of the best players from their respective teams hashed it out through some skill competitions.  Clearly, we weren't;t shocked at the skills winner in this competition, but it did get us in the mood for the season to star!  Do you think either Burns' Sharks, or McDavid's Oilers will be winning...

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