Sticks and Stones Will Break Bones. Especially Sticks.

Sticks and Stones Will Break Bones. Especially Sticks.

We were sitting at the dinner table, talking about something other than hockey, and then out of nowhere, I asked my grandfather about his playing days. He never really talked much about them. He mainly kept focus around the current NHL and my playing, but rarely did he talk about his time in hockey. Except for today. 

DL Hockey

It was a different time for sure. He told me that guys would hold a full-time job and go out and still play the game they loved, but the game was a hell of a lot different than today. 

As our conversation grew, so did my fascination with the sheer brutality the sport once was famed for. Some of the shit he told me was mind-blowing. Stuff that would get current players incarcerated often went unpenalized. This including some wicked stick swinging. Not slashing, fucking hatchet chops. Clearly, I needed to see this for, thanks to the internet, we bring you some vintage hockey. Some brutal vintage hockey featuring Montreal's Bernie Geoffrion absolutely laying some lumber to New York's Ron Murphy. 


Brutal stick fight

Yeah. That generation that played back then...they were built differently. They took no shit, worked hard, and were sculpted from cigarettes, beer, and meat and potatoes. 

Vintage hockey is something we admire. We're students of the game and love the history behind the sport. Yeah, we like the high-scoring, pretty dangles of today, but there is just something about that old school we love! 

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