CubeWorks: Sport Inspired Art From The Great White North

CubeWorks: Sport Inspired Art From The Great White North

Meet Nick. Nick hails from Toronto and is a jack of many trades. Nick is an athlete and an artist. Nick is about to blow your mind. 

As we know, goalies are on another level. Their brain's function way differently than their teammates. Seriously, who thinks it's a good idea to stand in front of a piece of vulcanized rubber traveling at 100MPH? Nick does. Nick is a goalie. 

Studying at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU), Nick Hall has merged his passions for sports and art and creates some amazing designs. Currently, he holds the title of Senior Designer at CubeWorks in Toronto, all while pursuing a career as a professional firefighter. (Fitting for a guy who saves pucks on ice to want to save lives. #Ledge) But, we want to showcase Nick's artwork. It's pretty fucking rad!

Marty Brodeur Artwork | Hoser Hockey Co.

Marty On Goalie Twigs

José Bautista Art | Hoser Hockey Co.

José Bautista On Bats

Babe Ruth Rubics Cube | Hoser Hockey Co.

The Babe On Cubes

Hockey Player Art | Hoser Hockey Co.

Hockey Silhouette On Twigs

Maple Leaf Art | Hoser Hockey Co.

Maple Leaf On Twigs

See...Nick is talented! His unique style of bridging art and sports is awesome. CubeWorks, in general, is amazing. They bring cool designs to life by using common things. 

Cube Works Studio has become world renowned for our work recontextualizing common objects to create impressive and entertaining visual creations. 

~Cube Works

*All images are courtesy of Nick Hall. You can get in touch with Nick and Cube Works at 

The Youth Movement | Hoser Hockey Co.

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