Rugby Player Pops Shoulder Back In Mid Play

Rugby, Tough -

Rugby Player Pops Shoulder Back In Mid Play

Being hockey players, we pride ourselves on the pain we put our bodies through in the name of sport. We have gained a reputation for being some of the toughest athletes around, but we aren't alone on the heap. Ruggers are right there with us. 

Now you may be wondering why we are mentioning rugby on a hockey blog? Valid question, but when awesome things happen in sports, we're going to share. Heck, many of us are athletes in other sports as well as hockey, and as it just so happens we're big rugby fans. 

Rugby In The Olympics

Now if that doesn't get you pumped up for rugby making its return to the Olympics, I don't know what will. If you've never seen it, get prepared and watch some of the games that are slated then go out and find your local rugby club. Your new favorite sport has arrived. 

After seeing that video, you get the idea rugby players are tough, but this is over the top:

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