PRODUCT LAUNCH: The Fiery Legend

PRODUCT LAUNCH: The Fiery Legend

As kids, we tried to emulate his powerful skating style and his control of the puck. As teenagers, we still tried to re-enact his current play. As adults, we retired, yet this legend just keeps going. 

While fans have their teams, we're fans of Jaromír Jágr. Despite the team, you can't help to be in awe of his game...still at 45, playing with the kids of the same guys he was drafted with. That is one of the reasons we were thrilled to get to see him play another year in the NHL and why we created this tribute T, the Fiery Legend

The Fiery Legend


  • Becca

    Hi James,

    We just shot you an email. We were sold out….but good news…we got a couple more in yesterday. Thanks for your support!

    Hoser Hockey Co.

  • James

    Trying to buy this shirt but keep getting the 404 page, please help

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