Parros: From Princeton to Player Safety

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Parros: From Princeton to Player Safety

Once upon a time, in the sport of hockey, there were gentle giants known as enforcers. While the past several seasons have seen the decline, nay, the disappearance, of the enforcer, they still remain legend and loved amongst those to which they were loyal. 

Whether you are a proponent for fighting in hockey or not, (That's a different conversation --but we're for it!) you can't help to admire a guy willing to go toe to toe with another man in the purest of all battles in order to energize and protect their teammates. We ask you, "do you like your job or co-workers enough to take a punch in the face for them?"

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Now the reason we bring up fighting is due to one of the NHL's newest hires, George Parros. If you're a fan of us, you certainly know who George Parros is. He is the former "enforcer" that is now the director of player safety. 

During his career, Parros amassed 1092 PIMs in 474 NHL games. That stat alone has produced a whirlwind of online criticism towards the NHL for electing Parros in the role. What may surprise many, George is a Jack of Many trades and a hyperintelligent one at that. 

As a college athlete, George Parros graduated with a 3.18 GPA and an economics degree from Princeton University. This was prior to him donning an NHL sweater and becoming one of the leagues most popular pugilists and being one of the owners of a fellow clothing brand, "Violent Gentlemen". 

Side Bar: Violent Gentleman is an exceptional clothing brand that honors the combative nature of sports. And, we're fans. They make great merch and you should check them out. Why are we supporting another clothing company in the same niche your asking? Because we're hockey players and love this shit...and each other! 

Already being asked about previous events that have been a hot topic within the league, George has responded with well thought out, logical answers. With a mind for business and a clean safety record, we think he'll be an exceptional addition to the league. So, for a guy that was looked at for his protection amongst his teams, the players in the NHL should rest a little easier knowing he has their back now. 

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