Now What? The David Pastrnak Drama

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Now What? The David Pastrnak Drama

The 2017-18 season is almost upon us. Teams have made their offseason signings and transactions. Players are finally starting to begin camps with their new and current teams. But there is one guy that hasn’t be given a contract yet. No, not Jaromir Jagr, (which surprises me too.) This player is a Restricted Free Agent, and he's young. I'm talking about the Boston sensation, David Pastrnak.

For starters, let's have a look at what an RFA is. When you become an RFA, you are still considered a "part" of the team you are with. Although you are not under a current contract, that team still has your rights. This means that other teams can talk to you and sign you, but they would have to give up draft picks to the team that owns you. As an RFA, you can talk to your current team, and even play with them, until December 1st. If you aren't under a contract by then, that means you cannot join your team, or another team, until next season, when you become an Unrestricted Free Agent.

Now let's talk about David Pastrnak. He officially became an RFA on July 1st of this year. Boston needs to get a contract done because no team wants to lose a player that young and that good. Let's have a look at his stats. Last year, "Pasta" put up 34 goals and 36 assists for 70 total points in 75 games played. Those are fantastic stats for a 21-year-old. Some people to compare his stats too are Phil Kessel (23-47-70), Jamie Benn (26-43-69), and Alex Ovechkin (33-36-69). Those are three elite players in the NHL right now, and to put up very similar numbers to them? Incredible. The kid is good, and he needs to be signed.

I believe Boston has two choices with David. Either sign him to the money he wants or trades his rights. There have been talks about Pasta's future in Bean-Town. Rumors that they've been shopping him to other teams. I don't think that’s the smartest decision. They must sign David to a contract between 4-6 years with an Annual Average of $5.5 million and $7.5 million. It's a lot of money, and they currently have $10 million available. Unfortunately, Team President Cam Neely, has stated that there is "no real dialogue" between Boston and Pastrnak. So, could we see a trade with David Pastrnak? Possibly. Could we see a contract similar to Leon Draisaitl's new contract? That's also a possibility. My opinion is to get him signed. It'll be worth it. That David Backes contract isn't looking so good now, is it Bruins fans?

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