New York's Double Edge Sword

New York's Double Edge Sword

To play in the NHL is a job many of us can only dream of. It requires hours upon hours of physical training, but you do have some time to focus on yourself...if you want. 

We can only imagine the schedule load for guys like McDavid and Crosby with promos and endorsements, but they are of a select few that seem to remain constantly busy building their brands...them. For other guys, playing is good enough and can make you money beyond your wildest dreams. But, one NHLer is focusing on another 

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It's no secret that many players find and grow their hobbies while playing in the NHL; Sean Avery's internship at Vogue, Carey Price's rodeo, and Mika Zibanejad's music. 

Zibanejad recently signed a 5-year contract worth $26.75M. He is 24 years old and lives in one of the greatest cities in the world, playing a sport we love. The kid has the life! Now he has a second career blossoming in the music industry...and his stuff is really good. 

We got to say, we're pretty impressed. If there was some punk rock thrown into a track, we'd be even more impressed! Nonetheless, the kid seems to have his life on lockdown. He is New York's double edge sword. 

(H/T BarDown, Cover photo: NY Rangers Twitter)


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