Making Hockey Great Again

Making Hockey Great Again

When it comes to walls, this keeper from Australia wants Donald Trump to know that he is the wall!

Trump Hockey Jersey - Hoser Hockey Co.

Andrew Morton, of Melbourne, Australia, created this gem as he describes as, "a bit of fun". We've never been to Australia, but from what we've gathered...there isn't a huge hockey presence 'Down Under'. Just this year, though, Wayne Gretzky headed to Australia to promote the game. If the 'Great One' sees potential, you know it's going to blow up hard down there in the next couple years. Don't be surprised if in 20 years we see kids from there making their way to the NHL.
As for Andrew, or as we will now refer to him...the Legend, we had a chance to chat with him about hockey in Australia, how he got involved, and of course...the jersey.

The Legend, says he was attracted to the game just based on the speed and brutality, and family aspect of hockey.  We can't say we're surprised with the second part, he is Australian after all. You know...the land where everything can kill you. It just made sense that brutality would be involved.

Growing up on the coast in Australia where there was no hockey I used to be the only kid on my street that would play street hockey

Legend, 25y/o, has been playing organized for a couple years now and said, "Growing up on the coast in Australia where there was no hockey I used to be the only kid on my street that would play street hockey so that was always good." His dedication and interest never died despite the lack of hockey. He tells us, "[I] moved to Melbourne 3 years ago and just got stuck into it. Mighty Ducks was a massive contributing factor as well".

While he is getting kicks out of playing goalie, he is providing more kicks around the world for his epic jersey. As he puts it, "Trump is causing a lot of headaches all around the world so I thought I could make light of the situation and turn him into a target." Success achieved. His jersey is spreading across the globe!

To our new buddy, Andrew 'The Legend' Morton, we can't thank you enough for providing the rest of us with new goals in creating epic jerseys! Keep growing the game down there! 

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