James Reimer Is Proof That A Goaltender Can...

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James Reimer Is Proof That A Goaltender Can...

James Reimer spent the majority of his career thus far in Toronto but has basically lived out of a suitcase this past season when he was back up to Martin Jones in San Jose. It looks like he finally found a home in the sunshine of Florida, where he will most likely become the starter in the next year or so. All great news for a guy who is notorious for being one of the best professionals and nicest guys in the league, which is why we're excited about his latest news and why NHL fans should become fans of Reimer. 


The tweet above come from James Reimer's wife, April. You may remember April from the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs when there was some shade thrown between her and Dion Phaneuf's celebrity wife, Elisha Cuthbert. While it wasn't actually beef between the two, it did make for some fantastic gossip. 



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