I Will Learn You How To Play Hockey - $5

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I Will Learn You How To Play Hockey - $5

Here at Hoser Hockey Co., we're advocates of coaches and trainers that operate outside the standard team setting...provided they fall in line with team goals. (i.e. Powerskating Coach, dietician, goalie coach, trainer) I can't tell you the countless things I have done in order to extend my hockey career and try to give me that extra little push that would propel me above my competition. Some of the best tools that will get you to that next level are people. 

Now, let's not sugarcoat things, when you hire a specialized coach, the price can accrue quickly. But, now there is a way to get the training you deserve for only $5. A fuckin $5 bargain, we tell you! 

I Will Learn You How To Play Hockey | Hoser Hockey Co.

We consider ourselves enterprising individuals here at Hoser Hockey Co., as does this gentleman who goes by Pluttman

Pluttman, based in Uppsala, Sweden, is an amateur hockey coach that has a passion for travel and hockey. (Right up our alley, bud!) He is currently looking to offer his services to you for two hours. This includes ice-time and a coaching session for 2 hours at only $5. See what we mean...a fucking bargain! Especially when we pay $15 to play drop in. #Steal

Hoser Hockey Co. | I Will Learn You How To Play Hockey

You know what sold us the most on this gig? The 1 hour of arena time spent in the locker room. I can only imagine after the max 15 min it takes us to get our gear on, what other things we will learn. Maybe 45 mins of whiteboarding. Maybe 45 mins on how to tape a stick properly. Maybe 45 mins of knob hawking. Any way it plays out, we're in for a treat. Did we mention...only $5!

We can only surmise that this will fill up quickly. (We made this assumption based on the tightness of his skates. Man dresses a fine game!) Again, for only $5, Pluttman will learn you how to play hockey. Quit hesitating, and jump on it! Just look at the reviews. 

At Hoser Hockey Co., we commend the hell out of the lad for going out and getting it! We're proponents for turning your passions into careers, and he is onto something. 

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