Gear For Goals: Top 10 Sticks Used By NHL Forwards

Gear For Goals: Top 10 Sticks Used By NHL Forwards

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You want to be the best. You want to be your best. Having the best equipment can only help.

The problem is, with all the hockey sticks out there — and there are a lot of hockey sticks
out there — who are you going to trust when you’re looking for a new twig? The guy selling it? The guy making it?

How about the guys who use the sticks? The best guys, the NHL guys. Surely, knowing the equipment they choose is information you can use.

GearGeek has gone to the trouble of compiling that information — by brand, by team, by position and more. 

And the Winner Is…

It’s complicated. GearGeek lists 31 sticks in use across the league. Some highlights:

  • CCM is the NHL’s most popular brand — just more than 35 percent of the league uses sticks from the venerable Canadian company. Of course, that love is spread over 13 models.
  • The single most popular stick is the Warrior Alpha QX, used by 115 players — or 24 percent of the players whose data was collected. Not bad for a 25-year- old company that started making lacrosse sticks.
  • The Blackhawks are big on Bauer, with 38 percent of the active roster carrying its sticks. What’s more, the six highest-paid players in the league all use that brand, which started in hockey as a skate maker in 1927.

Forward-Thinking Equipment

However, let’s take a look where our eyes always seem to go — with the forwards, who
handle, shoot and score the puck more than anybody else. Here are the top 10 sticks used by forwards in the NHL (as compiled with data from 436 active skaters):

  1. Warrior — Alpha QX; 15.6 percent: Technically a low-kick stick, Warrior claims a“mid-low flex arc” and its Saber Taper technology, which tapers the stick from midpoint of the shaft to the blade. Brad Marchand is a notable user.

  2. Bauer — Nexus 1N; 13.8 percent: A mid-kick stick, the 2017 1N has a shaft 14 percent rounder than previous models, improving grip and control. Jonathan Toews uses this model.

  3. CCM — Ribcor Trigger ASY; 8.5 percent: The entire Ribcor line is designed for puck feel and quick release and this one offers improved blade durability over previous models. Alex Ovechkin is a fan.

  4. CCM — Ribcor Trigger 2 PMT; 8.3 percent: Though CCM turns over its roster quickly, this is currently the top of the Ribcor line. Joe Thornton carries it.

  5. Bauer — Supreme 1S; 8.0 percent: A stick designed for maximum power, and boasting Bauer’s “most advanced blade technology ever,” a pressurized gel core that forever remains liquid. Steven Stamkos uses it.
  6. CCM — Super Tacks 2.0; 7.1 percent: Mid-kick with an “extremely stiff” blade, this is considered an all-around stick, so perhaps a bit better on slap shots and mucking it up in the corners than most of the sticks on this list. One note, though — reigning NHL MVP Connor McDavid uses the earlier Super Tacks model.

  7. Warrior — Covert QRL; 6.7 percent: The QRL stands for “quick release.” An aggressive taper “allows the stick to be very active and provides easy load all the way down into the blade.” One of its big fans is Ryan Getzlaf.

  8. Bauer — Vapor 1X; 5.0 percent: Designed for quick-release shooters, the 1X claims 20 percent faster loading and 28 percent faster recoil than previous models in the Vapor line. Claude Giroux has 9 million reasons to use it.

  9. Easton — Stealth CX; 4.8 percent: Not just a low, but an “ultra-low kick-point,” and design details focusing on quickness and accuracy. Phil Kessel, one of the best U.S. players in NHL history, uses it.

  10. Bauer — Vapor 1X Lite; 4.8 percent: Redesigned for ’17, it has the lightest blade in Bauer’s proline and is billed for “elite puck-handlers” who “fly through defenders and keep goalies guessing.” No wonder Patrick Kane uses it.

Author bio: AJ Lee is Marketing Coordinator for Pro Stock Hockey, an online resource for pro stock hockey equipment. He was born and raised in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and has been a huge Blackhawks fan his entire life. Lee picked up his first hockey stick at age 3 and hasn’t put it down yet. 

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