Did Antti Niemi Just Make The Save Of The Year?

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Did Antti Niemi Just Make The Save Of The Year?

Sure, it's pre-season and we've already seen some sick plays. That Jon Gillies save up in Calgary...bananas! Now, we have Niemi, a back-up in Pittsburgh, making an absolutley savage save. 

Before we delve into this play, lets first acknowledge how fucked the NHL rules are this year.

  • The faceoff garbage...don't get us started.
  • The slashing, there is a difference between a tap and slash, and the NHL and refs need to learn it.
  • ...and many more. 

It seems refs are blowing their whistles like a Summer Nyte world record, but on stupid shit. Antti Niemi said the refs told him they will not be blowing the whistle when a goalie loses a glove or blocker, which is why Niemi may have the save of the year. 

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The competiton level is high within this Padawan. Fuck having a glove on, buddy made a save barehanded. As any hockey player knows, that's ballsy as hell. Well done, sir. Well done indeed. 

Sure, you may be saying, "That's not that good of a save" and while you'd be right, but would you stick your barehand in front of an NHLer shot, Tommy Toughnuts? Didn't think so there cheif. 

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