Dallas Stars Standing Behind The Golden Knights...WOW

Dallas Stars Standing Behind The Golden Knights...WOW

Hockey is a unified game. There is just something about the sport that brings families, teams, players, fans, cities together. This past week has been terrible, especially with the events in Las Vegas. A senseless, violent act that rippled through the city, affecting all from there, including the Golden Knights. 

As hockey players, we're proud of the cities we play in. They become an extension of our inner core team. The city itself breathes into the team. It's hard to explain, but they are the foundation of the team. That is why when something happens to our city...to the people in it, we feel deeply. But, in hockey, you're never alone. 

During the Golden Knights first regular season NHL game, something happened. Something great happened. The Dallas Stars came out for the anthem, not looking at the Golden Knights, but standing right behind them. These are two teams, ready to beat the living shit out of one another, but for that moment in time...they were one team, unified in the game. 

Hockey does that to people. It brings out the best, especially in dark times. The greatest thing about it...you will never stand alone! 


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