Crosby Is Not Into Watching Ovie and The Capitals Parade the Cup

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Crosby Is Not Into Watching Ovie and The Capitals Parade the Cup

We said it when the playoff schedule was announced if the Capitals cleared the Penguins in the playoffs, they were going to win the Stanley Cup. Yes, that is a big prediction, but we honestly didn't think it was going to happen. Seriously, the Caps have shit the bed against the Penguins....seemingly every year. But, we were surprised this season, as were the were the Caps. 

Penguins vs. Capitals Handshake

While the Caps cruised through the Penguins, then Tampa, then handling Vegas decisively, they were awarded the grail. It's pretty undeniable too that they are relishing their deserved win. If you're a hockey fan, you pretty much have seen nothing but Ovechkin and crew parading the Cup around on Facebook and Twitter, enjoying the fuck out of it. As they should. And, like you, we love it. Even those of us here that are Penguins fans. One guy who is not enjoying it, and is doing something about it, is the 2016/17 MVP, Sidney Crosby. 

Crosby had a stellar couple of years recently and has played more hockey than others, taking his Pens to back to back Cups before their untimely exit this year to the aforementioned Caps. Did Crosby decide to sit back and enjoy some time off...NOT AT ALL. 

On a European holiday, Crosby made a stop in Switzerland and took part in some drills with HC Davos and the ZSC Lions. And damn, was displaying some fancy footwork.  Watch out Ovie and company, Sid is gearing up to come back for that trophy! 

Let us know in the comments what you think about Crosby's drills, and if he can help the Penguins gain another Cup in 2019. 


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