Born On The Pond. Chasing Ice.

Born On The Pond. Chasing Ice.

Having played in front of just our moms and dads, all the way to arenas with thousands of fans, we have seen just about every aspect of organized hockey and love it. But, there is something we love more. Pond hockey. 

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Unless you have experienced skating in the elements, on a lake, river, stream, pond, or puddle, you just don't know the freedom and joy of the purest form of hockey. You wake up at the crack of dawn, making sure you have a thermos and warm thermals, and put on your cold skates in -20 degree weather only to spend hours skating, and honing your game. It's a release. 

Anytime we can showcase some pond hockey, you bet we will. That is why we are excited to share an epic video from Erich Schwer and GoPro called, 'Chasing Ice'. 

Seriously, how dope is that? Such a sick video and gets the excitement flowing from within the Hoser Hockey Co. offices. We're going to have to chase some ice here shortly. Erich, let us know when you're heading back out!  

Born on the Pond | Hoser Hockey Co.

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