5 things all hockey fans hate...but we're all are guilty of

5 things all hockey fans hate...but we're all are guilty of

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By Doc From DL Hockey

Hockey fans are a different breed of people. Ask anyone who has gone to a game and they can tell you that the whole atmosphere is something that can not be recreated by any other sport or concert that you can imagine. With that being said, there are traits of hockey fans that are not often well received by our peers. The sad part is... we’re all guilty of these crimes against fandom. Let's dive into this, shall we? (Someone cue the drum roll, for the Doc's Top five List!)

 1)  The too drunk too loud fan

We have all seen it...a fan that is yelling at players all while mispronouncing their names. They smell like a brewery and not the type of fan you want to be near. Yes, the drunk fan! It doesn't matter what team what team they are cheering for, they become public enemy number one for their antics. This person takes away from the entertainment of the game due to their shenanigans, and really only good for a laugh. Secretly, you find yourself hoping to see this person get thrown out of the game, or fall in the sin bin and get beaten by an angry Tie Domi. Here’s the kicker, we’ve all been this fan in various degree whether it be at the rink or at a bar, it's almost a rite of passage in our lives...but none of us are proud of it.

2)Threatening to jump ship because of one player

Ahh, one of the most common sins committed by every one of us hockey fans. It's the trade deadline, draft or offseason and your team drop a good player for a bunch of plugs. Or even worse they trade your favorite player. (Case in point: talk to any Blues fan about the Reaves trade this year.) You lose your shit, say you're done with your team, the season is lost, and cry for the heads of the whole front office. Thankfully 9.9 times out of ten we stick with our team. But, we will complain and make excuses for the whole year. On the flip side of that, we have what I have titled Matthews/Mcdavid syndrome. I fell prey to this big time last year. A rookie comes in and just absolutely wrecks the league and we all become a huge fan of them. Just think how many new Maple Leaf fans have come out of the woodwork this year?

3) Calling the whole team awful...... when you have just cracked the 1st line in beer league.

I'll be honest, this is my deadly sin. Here in Norfolk, Va, all we have in pro hockey is the Norfolk Admirals, a mid-level ECHL team that used to be something great. When I go to the games with my wife, I know she gets annoyed by it, but I'm always saying how “ I could make that pass” or  how “ I could easily play at this level.”  It is always easy as fans to look down on the game and say how we would do things differently than the PRO HOCKEY PLAYERS. Folks, I won't lie to you, I may be a very good beer league player, but I only played ACHA D2 hockey and only about 20 games over 3 years. We all get wrapped up in the game and see ourselves being the next Yzerman or Sakic or being the coach that saves the team and leads them to the promised land. The sad truth is we are just fans -- beer leaguers and coaches. We should be happy with that and just enjoy the game.

4) Living in the Past..... Way too much.

This one is going to become a recurring issue for Red Wings' fans, like me. We have a very good shot at diving deeper into the basement, but all we want to talk about is our 25 season playoff streak and our 4 Stanley Cup rings during that time. These talks are going to keep going until we feel that the team is good enough to join the ranks of those past teams. Before the Red Wings fans did this, it was the Bruins, Hawks, Canadians, Oilers fans. The list goes on and on. Every team and all fans have glory days that we revisit way too much. As the old adage says “if you keep your eyes in the past, you will miss the future.” This statement rings true for hockey fandom. If we always look at our past glory days we will miss our future and we pray to the next sin, and if there any front office people reading, pay attention to the next part.

5) Making the Goalie/ GM/ Coach into the Antichrist

This is the basic bitch of hockey fan sins. We’ve  all done this and we are all sick of it. We are a bunch of 90s kids wondering when mmmBOP will go away, but we are all still humming the beat. As hockey fans, we're always looking for a reason why the team is doing so poorly; the coach is a joke, the GM hates this city, and the goalie couldn't stop a beach ball. We all want someone to blame. As a Wings fan, I want Yzerman to come be our GM and I think Howard has a Five-Hole bigger than most porn stars, and I share these facts openly with anyone that would listen. Hockey is an ever-changing game -- what worked 2 years ago will not work this year. There are injuries, outside factors, players have good and bad days and sometimes luck is just not on our side. The sad part is we can never admit to this. We much rather find the reason why the team is playing poorly. This is our addiction, but we are sick of it, but if you have 5 mins we would love to give our two cents about why the team sucks.

This is just one man's opinion, but I am pretty sure all fans have their own ideas of what the sins of hockey fandom. I will finish by saying I wish everyone a happy season and I’ll see you at the rink.

Malkinstein | Hoser Hockey CO.

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